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Welcome to the office of Air Capital Process Service, L.L.C. in Wichita, Kansas. Office is centrally located in Kansas, serving the entire state. For all services provided through ACPS, you will be dealing with me, Nick Conner. I am a licensed private investigator in the grand state of Kansas and am appointed as a special process server in the 18th Judicial District Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas.


For all services provided through ACPS, you will be dealing directly with me, Nick Conner, PI, SPS. I’ve created this website to assist people in selecting a process server and private investigator and to provide an overview of some of the areas in which I serve. While I hope this information is useful, there simply is no substitute for a live consultation over the phone with me or direct correspondence by mail or e-mail. I understand you may have questions in advance of hiring me. I highly recommend calling me in person on my cell at 316-706-2524. In most cases, I should be able give an immediate answer to your questions in regards to procedures and a personal guaranteed flat rate. If you so desire, you may leave a message on my office phone at 316-831-0200 or e-mail me at nick@aircapitalprocessservice.com. Please keep in mind, I am not an attorney and am not allowed, by law, to give legal advice.


Court actions can be life changing and an emotional time for all parties involved. From surveillance to service of process to courier service, I am here to help. Process service is my specialty. Legal documents and assignments entrusted to me are my personal responsibility. You can count on me to serve each case on an individual basis to give the personal attention each one deserves. If immediate action is necessary, I will never hesitate to act quickly. My goal is to personally provide fast, professional, and reliable service to you.